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Why Cavy?

Are people wasting too much time connecting costly, complex systems?

Cavy is a single system. Plan, innovate and take care of basic business chores.

We want the unicorn. We need a Cavy.

We are not the dreamers. We are the doers with vision.

We just want to get it done.

Strategic Plan: Mind Map Your Business Model Canvas

Use Cavy to brainstorm your business model canvas.

How are YOU planning to reach your goals?

Approximately 50% of all small businesses fail within 5 years. Every business needs a working plan. A popular option is the Business Model Canvas. It's a methodology for startups and established businesses to plan their goals.

Hold on, how can I put a plan to use?

It's all well and good to plan how your business should work, but the problem is, how can you turn a plan into something actionable that you can continuously improve? Ignoring a plan is as bad as not having a plan.

Make it a real, living document. Here's how!

Cavy, A Concept Management Platform, is the system for working in your business and on your business at the same time. Here's how we do it.. we believe you can do it too. The following image is our Business Model Canvas in Cavy's "Related Topics" view.

Business Model Canvas Layout -

You might not see it yet, but Related Topics are similar to a Mind Map, pioneered by Tony Buzan.

Where is the Mind Map?

You can't see a whole mind map, but you can see the current level. Each node (topic) has a parent, and each topic can have relations (the pinned topics in this case). You can use images and color topics, just like you can with a mind map. And like a mind map program, you have a content editor for a topic, but you also have live chat, issue tracking and change notification subscriptions for them too!

Wow! A knowledge and communication system that's like a Mind Map.

What makes mind mapping great for report creation, is now also great for business planning, support and customer success. Let's take a look how to link parts of the mind map (topics) to an issue in our issue tracker.


Each item in the Business Model Canvas can be actioned by pinning it to an issue or setting it as the issue or chat topic.
Here's an example screenshot.
Click the thumbnail to see this marketing task in action.

How does using Cavy lead to customer success? Read on!

Cavy Creates A Customer Success Management Loop With Your Business Model

Customer Success Management Loop - Continuously Improve The Business Model Canvas -

Cavy completes the loop of customer success.


It does this by acting as a lightweight system for connecting your business ideas with your product planning, product documentation and customer communication. As your customer requirements change, your business model can be updated.

So it's for my whole business?

For your whole business. Your customers talk to you in the same system you plan your business with, where communication and ideas are grouped by topics. If you release a new feature or fix something that a customer is subscribed to, they'll be automatically notified by e-mail.

And it helps me to succeed?

Business and customer success is likely underpinned by balanced nonlinear and linear thinking. There is strong empirical evidence that managers and startup entrepreneurs with a balanced nonlinear and linear cognitive thought process are much more likely to succeed. Cavy empowers you to use balanced nonlinear (related topic grouping) and linear thinking (issue tracking & communication). It extends all the way from the planning of your business to your customer education and communication.

In Summary

Using Cavy for your strategic plans will help you retain more customers, because they'll become directly involved in the planning of your business; improving customer retention and increasing customer success.

We made Cavy because we believe anyone can innovate, communicate and succeed. We want to help YOU do it better.

If you'd like to learn the steps for creating a Business Model Canvas in Cavy, take a look now. Watch tutorial videos for the Users and Administrators.

Find out more about Cavy for business planning at

What Does A "Concept Management Platform" Look Like?

Like a synergy of mind mapping, helpdesk and customer relationship management.

Messenger Live Chat
Talk privately. Unlike some "free" platforms, we will never sell your conversations to the highest bidder. Like an instant messenger, you can also chat to people when they're offline. Cavy will also send all messages that aren't read by e-mail. Best of all, everyone can delete their private conversations.
Live Chat
Issue Tracking
Searchable Wiki
Change Alerts
Availability Planning
File Transfers
Image Editing
Documentation / Integration

Not Just Business Models: Brainstorming And Mind Maps For Anything!

Software Support
You've got a job to do, you need fewer distractions. Use Cavy to stay on top of your support, bug and feature requests. Rapidly document your application.
Product Managers
Engage customers through a single point of contact. You'll gain a greater understanding of their needs and desires if you involve them in product development brainstorming.
Distance Education
Distance learning is hard for students. Put your pedagogical prowess to use and provide students with one system for private correspondence and learning material. Students can see what times you're available, be notified of changes and discuss anything with you privately in a real-time messenger. Learn to love metacognition again!

The Cavy Value Proposition. What do YOU think?

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