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Integrating Cavy
How to integrate Cavy with your systems.

Cavy can be integrated with your website or software product in one of two ways.

  • Directly linking to a topic by its URL.
  • Adding the Website Widget to your website.
Direct Linking

To link to a page in Cavy, you need to use the following URL pattern:


To link to the chat page with a set topic, use:


To link to the issues page with a set topic, use:

Website Widget

The website widget is an open source JavaScript widget that you link inside your website code.

To add the widget to your website, add this code before the closing body tag:

<script src="https://(your-subdomain)" type="text/javascript"></script>

Every page needs a topic, use the following code to add one:

<body data-cavy-topic="(topic-tag)">

For elements that you would like to highlight in a page, add a data-cavy-topic attribute for each one. If you want the element to open the topic in an iframe overlay, add data-cavy-link="true".

<div data-cavy-topic="(topic-tag)" data-cavy-link="true">

If you want to load a topic in an iframe overlay with an anchor tag, use:

<a data-cavy-topic="(topic-tag)">

You can also modify the widget if you host it on your website. The source and further instructions can be found at: